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Homeowner shoots at would-be burglar in Summerlin neighborhood

A homeowner shot at a would-be burglar in a Summerlin neighborhood near Hualapai and Town Center Tuesday night. The homeowner said he's still shaken up after firing on someone he thought was trying to break into his home.

Police swarmed the west valley area Tuesday night, and now residents are on edge.

"All of a sudden I heard the helicopter and this is before the helicopter --bang, bang," said Feliciano Albolote Jr., heard gunshots

Albolote lives a couple of houses down from the homeowner who shot at the would-be burglar. The homeowner told 8 News NOW off camera that he and his wife had just finished unloading groceries from their car when a man got in through the garage door, which was open.

He says the suspect stole his wallet and his phone from his car where he also had his gun. The homeowner's wife was inside when he says the man was coming towards him with his hand in his pocket, so he reached for his gun and fired two rounds... Read More

Report: Stabbing victim called 9-1-1 as suspect entered apartment

A man accused of stabbing two women in a Summerlin apartment complex over the weekend says he remembers nothing prior to be taken into custody, according to his arrest report.

One of the women died and the other is in critical condition.

Metro Police arrested 54-year-old Stephan Williams on Saturday afternoon, March 9. He's suspected of breaking into a second-floor apartment in the 8600 block of Scholar Lane, near Rampart and Lake Mead boulevards.

The woman, left injured by the stabbing, called 9-1-1 to report a burglary at her apartment.

According to the arrest report, during the call with 9-1-1, she went silent and was heard breathing heavy. A male voice could be heard in the background.

When police arrived at the scene, they saw Williams, who had blood on his hands and shirt, in the apartment. He surrendered to police, the report said... Read More

Flash flooding closed SR 159 and Red Rock's Scenic Loop

The heavy rain that rolled through the Las Vegas valley wreaked a little havoc on the roads surrounding Red Rock Canyon, causing flash floods.

Water rushed over State Route 159 covering parts of the highway with rocks, mud, and other debris.

Cristen Drummond, Reporter: "What's it like to see the flash flooding?"
Gautam Rangan, visiting from Los Angeles: "It's actually beautiful."
Kiri Stern, visiting from Montreal: "It's really amazing actually; nature, the power of nature and its force."
Lachlan Turzcan, visiting from Los Angeles: "It's pretty wild; it looks like there is a river on the road."

NDOT crews closed the east and westbound lanes to traffic, forcing drivers to cancel their plans, turn around and head back towards Summerlin.

Drummond: "Why were you coming up this way?"
Turzcan: "We wanted to go see Red Rock."... Read More

Kids take advantage of school snow day

Most of the snow has melted away around Las Vegas valley but some neighborhoods still had some left Friday morning -- and kids took advantage of it.

Clark County School District canceled classes for the day. Although school wasn't in session, sledding was.

"We just wanted to come and play with the snow that we have left," said Sebastian Martinez, who was enjoying a rare snow day.

Sledding proved to be a bit difficult with only patches of icy snow left at Fox Hill Park in Summerlin. But it wasn't impossible.

One little fellow used an inflatable shark.

No doubt, it probably would have been easier the day before. This part of the valley got more than 7 inches of snow from the recent winter storm.

Meanwhile, large snowballs were left behind, presumably pieces of a snowman. Moving a heavy icy boulder became a bit challenging... Read More

SNOWY WEATHER: Snow falls around the Las Vegas Valley!

Snow started falling around the Las Vegas valley Wednesday night around 6 p.m. According to numerous viewer tweets and photos 8 News NOW received, many areas around the valley were seeing 1-3 inches of snow.

At 9.p.m. Summerlin had 4-5 inches of snow. And at 10 p.m. Echo Canyon Subdivision on Mount Charleston was showing 11-inches.

SLIDESHOW: Snow blankets parts of the Las Vegas Valley

Nevada Highway Patrol warned drivers on Twitter that roads could be a little tricky. Especially, for drivers traveling on I-15 southbound near Jean. The roadways in that area are expected to freeze with ice causing the roads be very slippery... Read More

SLIDESHOW: Snow blankets parts of the Las Vegas Valley

Snow started falling around the Las Vegas valley Wednesday night around 6 p.m., but it lasted for a little over three hours. Some areas accumulated as much as 1-3-inches. Take a look at the photos below to see how valley residents captured the moment in photos!

PHOTOS: Snow blankets parts of Las Vegas Valley... Read More

Boxing champion puts $4.5M home on the market; 8 News NOW gets special tour

Tucked inside a valley neighborhood, you'll find a home fit for Las Vegas luxury. World Boxing Champion Beibut Shumenov's home is up for sale, and 8 News Now was invited inside for a special tour.

Real estate agent Shannon Smith showed us this mansion's glitz and glamour, as it 9,469-square-feet of uncommon character packed a punch of charm.

"This is an episode of cribs," Smith said. "It will make Shaquille O'Neal feel small."

To anyone else, it may look out of this world, but Shumenov and his family call the three-story, six bedroom and nine bathroom house their home.

"We have normal people, stars, just beyond the gates," Smith said. "And they live a whole lot closer than we might think."

Now as they put it on the market, someone else has the chance to slide into life along the lake.

"It's not every day I get to represent a star," Smith added. "It's one of the cool things about Las Vegas; just the demographics of this city."... Read More