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Nevada unemployment rate falls to new 7-year low

Nevada's unemployment rate has fallen to a new seven-year low.

The state Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation reported Wednesday that the jobless rate in October was 6.6 percent, which is the lowest it's been since June 2008.

October marked the 56th straight month that the unemployment rate has declined year-over-year. Nevada added a seasonally adjusted 6,200 jobs in October, and the number of jobs is up more than 42,000 compared with the same time a year ago.

Gov. Brian Sandoval said 2015 has been a solid year for Nevada's job market, and he said he was committed to helping further diversify the state's economy... Read More

Red Rock Canyon near Vegas marks conservation anniversary

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas is marking an anniversary.

The Bureau of Land Management says then-President George H. W. Bush signed legislation 25 years ago Monday to create Nevada's first national conservation area.

The scenic area is marked by rugged red rocks, climbing, hiking and picnicking spots.

It's now one of the most popular BLM-managed areas.

Red Rock Canyon covers more than 300 square miles, but most of its 2 million visitors a year are draws to a 13-mile scenic drive about 20 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Records kept by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, say Congress first recognized the site in 1936, when it was included in what is now the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

A visitor center opened in 1982... Read More

Wind advisory for southern Nevada until 10 p.m. Monday

The National Weather Service is warning of strong crosswinds affecting driving conditions in southern Nevada.

The wind advisory was issued early Monday in effect until 10 p.m. in Clark County, including Las Vegas, Mount Charleston and Red Rock Canyon.

Wind guests between 30 to 55 miles per hour are expected and isolated gusts as large as over 60 miles per hour are possible in wind-prone areas.

The strong crosswinds will make driving difficult and blowing dust could also lower visibility.

Southern Nye County and San Bernardino County in California will also be impacted, with Interstate 15 and several highways on alert.

The weather service is advising extra caution for drivers and hikers in the area. Items left outside could also be blown away or damaged... Read More

Burglary suspects caught on surveillance in Summerlin home

Three men who were caught on camera burglarizing a home in Summerlin Monday are drawing comparisons to a burglary troupe confronted and caught on video by a neighbor in a different Summerlin home on Tuesday. That video went viral.

Metro Police released the newest video of a few home burglary suspects Thursday. In the video captured inside the home on Morning Wind Lane, the three men are seen sneaking into the house before going from room-to-room grabbing items.

In one clip of the video, one man is even seen carrying an enormous flat screen TV.

Metro Police said the suspects entered the home on Morning Wind Lane through a rear glass door around 10 a.m.

Before they entered the home, one was heard identifying himself and the other intruders as police officers... Read More

Knowing your neighbors could limit crime

Burglars brazen enough to hit a house in broad daylight may be shocking, people like Billy Lowman say it happens all too often.

Lowman said his neighborhood has had a number of break-ins despite the fact that many of the homes have security systems.

"I know a couple houses that this has happened to, that house over there (Lowman points to a neighbor's home), they went on vacation, and they got robbed," he said.

Lowman said his Christmas decorations were even stolen right out of his front yard last season.

For Lowman, the simple solution to all of this is getting to know your neighbors.

Lowman said growing up in Baltimore -- his grandmother was able to keep her door unlocked for 20 years. That was a time when neighbors knew each other and looked out for one another.

Lowman described what it was like growing up in the northeast:... Read More

Parade held downtown to celebrate Veterans Day

The City of Las Vegas, along with Clark County showed their support Wednesday for the men and women who have sacrificed a lot to give Americans their freedom.

Wednesday's Veterans Day tribute parade was the largest of its kind on the west coast. At least 10,000 spectators lined the parade route in downtown Las Vegas.

During the parade, bands marched, flags flew high, and patriots paused to salute the men and women who have served the United States of America.

The parade was also a learning opportunity.

8 News NOW Anchor Denise Valdez has the story... Read More

Brazen burglary attempt captured on video by neighbor

A brazen, broad-daylight home burglary attempt was caught on camera Tuesday by an alert neighbor.

The attempted burglary happened just before 11 a.m. at a home in the Hills neighborhood in Summerlin.

According to the homeowner, four men kicked in the front door setting off the home's alarm system. The homeowner contacted a neighbor who took video of the men fleeing from the home.

The neighbor questioned the suspects. "What are you guys doing?"

"It's my home boy house," one of the men responded.

"No it's not. It's my neighbor's house and the police are coming right now," the neighbor told the men as he shot video of them getting into an SUV and leaving the neighborhood.

The homeowner shared the video on Facebook in hopes that someone will recognize the suspects. According to the homeowner, the men were scared away before items from the home.

The suspects were in a white GMC Yukon with a Fairway GMC license plate... Read More