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Egg Recall has Las Vegas Restaurants Scrambling

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas restaurants are taking precautions after it was announced that more than 380 million eggs are being recalled because of concerns of salmonella.

For Jamms restaurant owner Ronni Klein, the egg recall is causing some headaches. After getting a call from her food representative, she threw out more than 600 eggs.

Egg recall information (brands and carton numbers)

"I wasn't going to take a chance so we just threw them out and we have no eggs in the house," she said.

That's tough going on a restaurant that focuses on serving breakfast dishes. "I had one man leave this morning because I wouldn't give him a sunny side up egg and we told him why and he said 'well, if I wanted that I should be able to have it that way' so he left."

Coroner's Inquest into Erik Scott Shooting Rescheduled

LAS VEGAS -- The Coroner's Inquest into the police shooting death of Erik Scott has been rescheduled.

Scott died outside of the Summerlin Costco store after he was shot by Metro police on July 10. The Coroner's Inquest will take place on Sept. 22 at 9 a.m. and may continue through Sept. 24 at the Regional Justice Center. A seven-member jury will decide whether the police use of lethal force was justified, excusable or criminal.

Scott was shot by three officers as he exited the store. Scott, a West Point graduate, did have a concealed weapons permit and at the time of the shooting, he was carrying two guns.

Police said they were called to the Costco after employees reported that Scott was acting erratically. Police say Scott reached for a weapon when they confronted him. However, several witnesses deny that.

Police Sent Letters to Possible Costco Shooting Witnesses

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police detectives are reaching out to shoppers of the Summerlin Costco where 38-year-old Erik Scott was shot and killed by police. Letters have been sent to more than 100 shoppers who may have witnessed the officer involved shooting.

Metro says Scott pointed a pistol at police outside the store and eyewitnesses backed up that story up. But soon, other shoppers came forward with a different version of events, saying Scott was no threat at all.

Police have mailed or faxed more than 100 letters to shoppers whose membership cards were scanned at the Costco on July 10, around the time of the incident.

Scott was shot seven times by three officers.

The letter from Metro's homicide unit urges the customers to cooperate in the investigation if they witnessed anything important before, during, or after the deadly shooting.

Traffic Advisory for Gowan and Durango

LAS VEGAS -- Traffic may slow down on Gowan and Durango as emergency repairs are made to a water main that broke Tuesday afternoon.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District says the 12 inch main broke while crews were working on a street paving project at the intersection of Gowan and Durango.

While no customers were affected by the water main break, lane restrictions will take place into Tuesday evening. Delays are expected on both Gowan and Durango until 7 p.m.  Drivers are being asked to use alternative routes.  For east/west travel Cheyenne and Alexander are suggested, for north/south travel Buffalo is suggested.

Miranda Dalton Sentenced in Deadly DUI Crash

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas woman who admitted to drunk driving and killing a man in April was given the maximum sentence Monday.

Twenty-nine-year-old Miranda Dalton was sentenced from eight to 20 years in prison for a DUI crash that killed 28-year-old Paul Maidman. She will be eligible for parole after serving at least eight years.

There were a lot of tears from both sides in the courtroom. For the last few months Maidman's family has been working to make sure Dalton received the maximum penalty. They say the sentencing will now allow them to move forward.

A picture of a smiling Maidman was a symbol of encouragement in the courtroom for family members who gave their victim impact statements before a judge. It was also a reminded to the person who killed their loved one. With handcuffs on, Miranda Dalton sat in tears, realizing the damage she caused.

Las Vegas Students in Need of School Supplies, Food

LAS VEGAS -- The start of the new school year is only a few weeks away and already work is underway to make sure all students get off to a good start.

Teachers, parents and agencies across the valley are are busy filling backpacks with food and school supplies. Local agencies report that the need is much greater this year due to the slow economic recovery.

"There's over 5,000 homeless kids in the valley and there are 60,000 that are living in poverty. So, during the school year they get free and reduced lunch or free lunch free breakfast, but on the weekends, they're not sure where their next meal is coming from," said COO John Livingston, Three Square.

Last year, volunteers at Three Square packed 5,300 backpacks every week with food. This year, they'll pack 7,000. Organizers of the backpack program say their need has gone up 20 percent since last year.

Cox to Offer Video-on-Demand Content Through TiVo

SAN FRANCISCO -- Digital video recording pioneer TiVo Inc. and cable television provider Cox Communications Inc. are making it easier for Cox subscribers who use TiVo's DVR boxes to watch Cox's on-demand video content.

The companies said Thursday that Cox's video-on-demand library will become accessible on TiVo's latest DVR, the TiVo Premiere, in Cox's major markets, which include San Diego and Las Vegas. The integration is expected early next year.

In the past, cable providers haven't integrated their on-demand content with consumer DVR products such as those from TiVo, so watching on-demand movies or television shows from Cox and other companies has been a cumbersome process for TiVo users.

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