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Accident Sends Car Crashing Into a Summerlin Home

LAS VEGAS - A Summerlin couple must now repair a large hole in their home after a car crashed into it Friday afternoon.

Police say it began when a three-car accident took place near the home. One of the cars veered off the road and into the house of Susan Enney and her husband.

She was at work when her husband called to tell her about the accident. "He was sitting on the couch, and he heard a big boom," she said. "The car came tumbling through the kitchen. I said, ‘What?' He said, ‘Really, I'm serious. There is a car in the kitchen.' I came home, and there was a car in my kitchen!"

The crash left debris scattered throughout the kitchen, but Susan Enney says it could have been worse. "If the air conditioner wouldn't have been there, I am sure she would have come pretty much into the dining room area," she said. "It's a relief… that nobody got hurt and it can be fixed. So, I am happy."

Officials Mark Opening of Vegas Freeway Overpass

LAS VEGAS  -- Las Vegas city officials are marking the completion of a 13-month trail building project and the opening of a Summerlin Parkway overpass.

In addition to the Tenaya Way overpass, a shared use trail now connects Bill Briare Family Park near the parkway junction with U.S. 95 and the 110-acre Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex west of Buffalo Drive.

Officials say the $7.9 million Tenaya Way overpass and Bonanza Trail improvement project also included sewer, storm drain and road upgrades, traffic signals and a pedestrian underpass.

Funding came from the city of Las Vegas, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and federal Bureau of Land Management through the sale of public lands under the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act.

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Sledding Tragedy is a Reminder to Play it Safe

LAS VEGAS -- A woman visiting Las Vegas was killed over the weekend in a tragic sledding accident on Mount Charleston. Authorities say they are seeing about a dozen sledding accidents every weekend.

They say one of the more typical problems is people using items not made for sledding and then sliding down random hills with little regard for hazards such as trees and rocks.

Fresh from Florida, the Herrick family rarely sees snow. "So, we figured we'd drive up here until we found a little patch of snow and a little bit of a hill to slide down," said Justin Herrick.

And they're not alone. About a mile down the road, 8 News Now found more people sledding who just couldn't pass up a random slope near the road.

According to Jorge Gonzalez with Nevada's Division of Forestry, people sledding are not going to designated sledding areas.

Summerlin House Fire Intentionally Set

LAS VEGAS -- Clark County fire investigators say the Summerlin house fire that claimed a woman's life was intentionally set by the woman.

Twenty-eight-year-old Karen Heely died in the November 22, 2009 fire on Panorama Crest Avenue.

According to the report by investigators, Heely started several small fires in the home. Investigators believe the fires got out of hand and when she attempted to flee the home, she hit her head on the door and was knocked unconscious.

Investigators say Heely and the homeowner were involved in some sort of altercation that day that prompted her to set the fire.

State Warns of Census Scams

LAS VEGAS -- State officials are warning Nevadans to be on the look out for scams involving the 2010 Census.

Secretary of State Ross Miller and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto issued a consumer advisory Wednesday morning.

They say the scams include official looking requests for personal financial information and they may come in the form of a direct mail, email or even someone visiting your home.

"Nevadans must know that the U.S. Census Bureau is seeking only demographic information and would not ask for personal information like social security, bank account of credit card numbers," Masto said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the census forms will be mailed out to people starting in early March. Workers will begin knocking on the doors of single family households around May 1, 2010 if they didn't get the form mailed back to them.


Restaurant Celebrates Black History Every Day

LAS VEGAS -- The wall at TC's Rib Crib is historic. On it, hang pictures of the uncles of the owner. They are the first African-Americans to vote in 1944 in Camden, South Carolina.

The walls show decades of turmoil and the fight for freedom and when you step into the restaurant, you feel like you're stepping back through time.

"I have two uncles who are the first students who were admitted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They had to go in under security of the National Guard," said owner Irving Harrell.

Harrell says he put the pictures up to tell a story of the turmoil his relatives endured to fight for freedom.

"These guys don't deserve to be boxed up and locked underneath the bed. If you believe the eyes are the way into the soul. If you look into the picture and see the picture looking back, and you know they don't want to be underneath there," he said.

Salvation Army Sees Drop in Donations

LAS VEGAS --  The Salvation Army of Southern Nevada relies on the proceeds from its seven thrift stores to fund many of the programs and services it provides to members of the community. But right now, thrift shop donations are down significantly because of the economy.

One look at these sparse clothing racks and the problem is easy to see.

"When the economy is bad like this, people cannot go out and buy that new couch, so we don't get the old one," said Charles Desideiro, Salvation Army of So. Nevada.

The Salvation Army says donations to their thrift shops around the valley are down by 35 to 40 percent.

"All the merchandise that does come in is rushed right off to the stores so our trucks are making extra trips which also means more gas and more labor hours,"said Desideiro.