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Allergy Sufferers Find Relief in Shot Therapy

LAS VEGAS -- The windy weather is making allergy sufferers miserable as it blows pollen around the valley. Instead of enjoying the warm weather, allergy sufferers are sneezing, itching their eyes and battling fatigue.

There's relief and not just in form of pills. More people are opting for allergy shots. One local specialist says allergy shots are becoming more popular. Life is much different for Shawn Vogann than it was just a few years ago. His asthma and allergies were so bad he'd wind up in the hospital five or six times a year.

"You can't breathe. You can't get enough air in and flu like symptoms sometimes," said Vogann.

A windy day would force Vogann to stay indoors hiding from the pollen in the air. That misery continued until he started getting allergy shots. He then began to notice a difference in a matter of weeks.

High Wind Warning For The Las Vegas Valley

LAS VEGAS -- The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for the Las Vegas area today, with gusts as high as 60 mph in some areas.

The Weather Service has advised of sustained winds of at least 40 mph and gusts of at least 60 mph.The winds should cause dust, reducing visibility and create hazardous conditions on roads, which could make driving difficult.

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The high wind warning is in effect from this morning until 11 p.m. The warning includes Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City.

Students Speak Up About Bullying

LAS VEGAS -- More and more stories are coming to light about bullying taking place in school and online. In some cases, the attacks are so damaging, it can lead to violence, or even suicide.

Unfortunately students say bullying often goes on for a while. And those who have been bullied want others to be aware of the damages it can do. Twelve-year-old Searinna Olivas was picked on for about a week before she spoke up.

"I see it more often because no one is telling nobody," said Searinna Olivas, a victim of being bullied. The bullying stopped for her but other students are forced to take more drastic measures.

"It makes you really sad and makes you feel like what people say about you is true," said Kelly Walker, a victim of being bullied.

Fifteen-year-old Kelly Walker is in 9th grade and was also tormented by classmates. Things got so bad she had to transfer to a different school.

More Homeowners Falling Delinquent on Mortgages

LAS VEGAS -- The number of Southern Nevada homeowners delinquent on their mortgage payments has climbed steadily for the past several months. In some cases, it's people just willing to walk away from their homes, and in other cases, homeowners are holding out hope that they will get a loan modification.

In any given neighborhood, chances are good that a homeowner is the process of walking away from their mortgage. In the past, five months was typically the longest a homeowner could stay in their home until the bank would come knocking. But that is no longer the case.

Nick Nolf with The Nolf Group has been in the real estate business through the boom, the bust, and now the slow turn-around.

Las Vegas Chamber Releases First in Education Report Series

LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has released their First in Education Report Series.

The study on K-12 student achievement testing reveals that Nevada continues to rank well below national averages on standardized student proficiency exams administered to elementary school, middle school, and college-bond high-school students.

The report also notes that often cited national tests are given to only a select number of students in each state and in fact "no comprehensive, national comparison of the proficiency of all students has ever been undertaken, let alone published.

New Express Bus Service from NW Las Vegas to Strip

LAS VEGAS -- The long commute from northwest Las Vegas to the Las Vegas Strip can be exhausting and frustrating for drivers. Now, you can have someone else do the driving.

Retired couple Beth and Joe Weber are taking advantage of the free bus rides this week to check out the new ACExpress service. They never thought a bus ride would be this enjoyable but their quickly adapting to their new chauffeur.

"I like it. It's a very nice service and you don't need to drive down there or anything like that, just have a good time and take the bus," said Joe Weber.

"I've already called one of my daughters this morning and said when you guys come to visit we are taking the bus down to the Strip and stuff. We aren't even driving," chimed in Beth Weber.

Las Vegas Metro Officer Involved In Shooting Has Been Identified

Las Vegas metro police officer involved in recent shooting has been identified. The officer involved in the March 23rd, 2010, officer involved shooting, in which Officer Madland was seriously injured has been identified as Officer Christopher Le Blanc. Officer Le Blanc has been with the L.V.M.P.D. since November of 2001 and is currently assigned to Patrol Services, Saturation Team.