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Las Vegans Apply for 600 McDonald's Jobs

LAS VEGAS -- Hundreds of Las Vegans will soon be back to work. McDonald's began hiring for 600 part-time positions. Even though the jobs pay minimum wage, Las Vegas residents lined up for a chance to work.

Each time David Flores fills out an application, he can't help but feel a sense of hope. After going for months without a steady job, the stress has almost become too much.

"The end of the month comes and you are never sure if you are going to make rent or the rest of your bills," said Flores. Although he specializes in sales, on Tuesday, he was applying for a part-time, minimum wage job at McDonald's.

"I worked at a McDonald's before and I never thought I was going to go back to it but it's an opportunity so why not take advantage of it," he said.

School District Releases Superintendent Survey Results

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County School District asked the public for input on its search for a new superintendent and now the results of that survey are known. Three-quarters of those surveyed believe the new superintendent should have business experience.

More than 5,000 people responded and of those people 62 percent have at least one child in the school district. Those who responded -- and do not have a child in the district -- were mostly teachers.

Read the Survey

The Clark County Board of Trustees is holding a special meeting tonight at 5:30 to discuss the findings of the survey and take public comment.

Of those surveyed, 74-percent said the person considered for the superintendent job should be successful at managing a large urban school district with a diverse student population.

Companies Fight for Public Projects

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada's construction industry is desperate. Up to 70-percent of it's workers are without a job. Because of the crisis, contractors are taking pay cuts and offering services at cost just to survive.

There is no more money for private projects. The only ones out there are in the public works sector. No one wanted them before because of all the red tape. But in 2010, the competition to land them is fierce, and winning a bid is the difference between getting business or going bust.

Up U.S.-95 past Durango is one of the last lifelines of Nevada's construction industry. Capriati Construction landed the $42 million public works project in 2008 from the City of Las Vegas. Adding a bridge over the 95 and a nearby frontage road makes this the second largest project in the city right now.

$103 Million for Troubled Nevada Homeowners

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada is one of five states that will get more than $100 million to help with the housing crisis. It is part of the so called "hardest-hit fund."

While a lot of homeowners want this money, not everyone will qualify. The foreclosure prevention program is designed to help families in states hit hardest by the housing downturn. With housing prices here plummeting, and families unable to pay their monthly notes, the government hopes it will bring much needed relief to homeowners who've exhausted their options.

"I went to my bank to try to get modifications. I went through the government programs, through Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, and I went through the 888 housing help line on the Nevada foreclosure site," said Georgia Richardson, who is now selling her home.

Old Refrigerators Get New Life in Recycling

LAS VEGAS -- On hot days like this one your refrigerator could be the culprit for running up your power bill.

Older fridges can cost up to four times more than a newer fridge when it comes to energy costs. NV Energy is willing to pay people $30 for their old fridge and then recycle it.

At Jaco Recycling, the old fridges have the doors removed, their bar code recorded and is then put in a machine that removes oil and freon.

Every part of a refrigerator from the electrical cords to the styrofoam insulation and tin exterior get recycled.

"If these monsters go to the landfill, and they have a lot of harmful contaminants like freon, ozone-depleting freon, mercury switches and PCB's in them, and it doesn't take much for them to get into the water supply," said Mason Joseph, Jaco Environmental.

More than 2 Million Cribs Recalled

WASHINGTON  -- More than 2 million cribs from Evenflo, Delta Enterprise Corp. and five other companies were recalled Thursday amid concerns that babies can suffocate, become trapped or fall from the cribs.

Most of the cribs were drop-sides, which have a side rail that moves up and down so parents can lift children from them more easily. That movable side, however, can malfunction or detach from the crib, creating a dangerous gap where babies' heads can become trapped, leading to suffocation or strangulation.

The other companies involved in the recall were Child Craft, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and Simmons Juvenile Products.

Click here for more from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Tapas Restaurant Coming to Summerlin

LAS VEGAS -- Summerlin is where the new Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar will be opening.

The new location will be at Sahara and Fort Apache, where Z Tejas was once located.

Richard Crighton, President of Rothwell Gornt said, " We looked at over 30 locations prior to deciding on the former Z Tejas pad at Sahara and Ft. Apache.  The space was a perfect fit and the economics of the lease met our criteria. In the end, we are all very excited to see one of Las Vegas' homegrown restaurant phenomena continue to see success and grow."

An opening date for the new Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar location has yet to be announced.