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Arrest Report Released in Murder of School Teacher

LAS VEGAS -- The arrest report in the murder of a Las Vegas junior high school teacher has been released.

Police arrested Mark Franta on Wednesday and charged him with the murder of his wife, Marybeth Franta.

According to the police report, Marybeth Franta's body was found dumped in a dirt lot behind an Albertson's on Craig Road and Tenaya. Police say her car was later found parked in the same Albertson's parking lot.

Read the arrest report

Though pictures show her always smiling, police say domestic violence was present in Marybeth and Mark Franta's marriage.

Human Remains Found at Red Rock Identified as Missing Arizona Man

LAS VEGAS -- The remains found at Red Rock National Conservation Area have been identified as 54-year-old John Rosholt of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Clark County Coroners office was not able to determine the cause of death or when Rosholt died.

Hikers found Rosholt's bones last week at Black Velvet Canyon.

Rosholt was reported missing in February 2005 when he did not return from a trip to Las Vegas. According to a news story in the East Valley Tribune, Rosholt was well-known in the rock climbing community. His truck was found in April parked at the Silverton Casino. At the time, police did not know if foul play was involved.

Husband Taken Into Custody in Teacher's Death

LAS VEGAS -- Fifty-year-old Mark Douglas Franta had his mug shot taken at the Clark County Detention Center, his new home while he faces a murder charge. Franta shared a home with his wife, Mary Beth, for nearly two decades. On Saturday night, that marriage ended with Mary Beth's death.

Karen Adams was stunned to learn her neighbor had vanished without a trace Saturday night. She was even more surprised to learn that police believe Mary Beth's husband suffocated her. "I've never heard a thing, not anything," Adams said. "I was shocked. I don't know. I'm just in shock."

"I saw him outside, around, working in the yard and everything," Adams said about Mark Franta. "He's very friendly with the other two neighbors."

Sunday morning, Mary Beth Franta's body was found dumped in a desert lot behind an Albertson's supermarket on Craig and Tenaya. Her car was found nearby.

Police Say Red Rock Remains Were Human

LAS VEGAS -- There has been some confusion about whether remains found at Red Rock Canyon are actually human. It turns out they are human.

Early Tuesday, the coroner's office said the remains were not human after all, but Las Vegas police say two sets of remains were found in the area that day and one of those set was human.

The remains found near Black Velvet Canyon are human, while a separate set found by a rancher near Bonnie Springs were not human.

Commission Hears Arguments on Mandating Home Fire Sprinklers

LAS VEGAS -- The price of new homes in the Las Vegas valley could be going up, all in the name of safety. Homebuilders, homeowners and fire officials squared off before the County Commission to debate the issue and the cost of equipping homes with fire safety sprinklers like the ones in public buildings.

The commission decided to do some more research and get through some more studies and revisit this issue in six months.

Seconds matter when firefighters rush to house fires. In a matter of minutes, a home can be gone, but most importantly, so can a life.

Anne Mazzola was at the commission meeting, sharing her story of survival when her house caught on fire.

"It could have much worse -- the sprinklers put out that fire and we all got out alive," she said.

She has since moved and made sure her new home, including the garage, had a sprinkling system.

Las Vegas Police Retrieve Remains from Red Rock

LAS VEGAS -- Metro officers scaled hundreds of feet down a canyon wall Friday to retrieve more of the skeletal remains found near Red Rock Conservation Area.

Metro police officers Adrian Crandall and James Rogan had just inches to spare as they navigated a sheer cliff face known by local mountain hikers as "Prince of Darkness."

"There's not much room for error up there. It's 6, 7, 800 feet up," said Officer Crandall who added that he doesn't get nervous. "We do this all the time. I've been doing this for 11 years. Just another day at the office."

Human remains were found by a hiker on the Black Velvet Canyon trail Thursday afternoon. It took until Friday morning for Metro Search and Rescue to recover the remains safely. The officers needed to rappel off the side of the cliff another 100 feet from the spot where the helicopter dropped them off.

Human Remains Found Near Red Rock Canyon

LAS VEGAS -- Hikers at the Red Rock Conservation Area on Thursday stumbled upon remains that turned out to be human. Now investigators are trying to figure who it was.

"It could be an injured hiker that was unable to find his or her way out of the area. It could have been a suicide. It could be remains from a homicide. That's unknown and undetermined at this time," said Metro Police Lt. Les Lane.

Metro says around 2:30p.m. Thursday, hikers found and reported what appeared to be parts of a human spine wrapped in a shirt. It is too early to tell whether the remains belong to a man or a woman or how old the person was. The bones were found near Black Velvet Canyon in the Red Rock Conservation Area.

Other hikers described the rough terrain near the canyon.