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Hello my name is Mark Lani and I am the owner of PerfectImage4life Private Fitness Training in Las Vegas/Summerlin. I am Certified by the National Endurance Sports Trainers Association In Advanced Personal Training as well as Sports Nutrition. I have been helping people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals for 10+ years.In 2004 I decided to take my practice into a private setting where I could devote more time and attention to each individual client, avoiding the stress and mess of a traditional athletic club. By doing this, I have developed step-by-step programs that are efficient, complete, and produce amazing results!


Current Programs For 2011/2012 Enrollees:

                                                                                 WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT IN JUST 90 DAYS?

During this 12 week accelerated program you will learn the principles and secrets necessary to lose your unwanted weight and look and feel much better in just 90 days! Combining a proven exercise program with a custom meal plan and the right supplements, along with our state of the art online nutrition database, you will experience what it takes to get that trim sexy body that you have always wanted and I guarantee it!

In 12 weeks you will be introduced to various ways of training your body, including, weight training, cardio and conditioning, stretching and flexibility, core and stability, including some Yoga and Pilate’s. You will learn how to properly use stability balls, resistance bands, free-weights and machines, and your own body weight, to maximize results and ensure you are able to maintain your accomplishments after your initial training period.

Learn More about the 12 weeks To a New You 90 Day Introductory Program Here.

The Engineering4Life Series featuring the Total Body Makeover Program:

Get Ready For A Dramatic Change That Will Get You Noticed!

It has been proven that a personal training program performed three to four days per week, coupled with a proven nutrition program and customized for your specific body type, along with cardiovascular training produces accelerated results. Because of this I have put together the all-inclusive1-10 level Engineering4Life Program. This step by step program is specifically designed to shed pounds and put your metabolism in overdrive mode! The Engineering4Life personal training program includes 3 days a week of private personal training with Certified Personal Trainer Mark Lani. As you advance through each level of the program you will follow a custom meal plan designed specifically for your body type and that particular level. Online access is available to to your meal plan and grocery list, complete with healthy recipes, food exchange list, and success tools to ensure accelerated results and success on your program. Approx 60 min. sessions. Learn more about PI4L Program Levels and The Engineering4Life Series!




I have a passion for teaching and inspiring you as well as the expertise to help you achieve optimum health, increase your daily energy, and most importantly feel great and love your body. I am friendly, non-intimidating, supportive, motivating and genuinely committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Keeping things simple, I teach a no gimmick straight- forward approach to fitness that begins at your level and builds as you progress! Your individualized fitness program is all about you and your specific needs. I am here for you full force and offer exactly what you need to live a long healthy life and look great in the process! I look forward to working with you to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Within the first 30 days I could really see my body transforming, I was getting stronger, leaner, and had more energy than I have had in years! --- - Jeffrey