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Board Plans to Implement School Rezoning | News

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Board Plans to Implement School Rezoning

Parents packed Tuesday night's school board meeting, angry about the district's rezoning plans. They were hoping to change the board members' minds, but after hours of debate, it didn't happen.

Parents stormed out of the board room late Tuesday evening. In all, nearly 13,000 students district-wide will be forced to attend different schools next year, despite passionate pleas from parents.

Parents lined up and sounded off. They want their kids to stay at the school they're already zoned for.

"I've spent many hours trying to understand how something so illogical to me makes sense to anybody else," said Mary Saladino.

Students don't want to move either, "Out of my entire circle of friends, inside the band and out, I am the only one being forced to leave Coronado."

The district says reworking school boundaries is necessary because some campuses are overcrowded and others are under capacity. At the center of the controversy is whether to move 200 students from Coronado High School in Henderson across Saint Rose Parkway to Liberty High School in Las Vegas.

"If my kid was handed a problem, we have you to solve this problem, and this was the answer he gave and come up with this zoning change, I would hope he'd get an F," said Gib Dawson.

The board debated, even discussing giving current Coronado students options to stay. In the end, trustees voted not to give those students the choice to continue their education at Coronado.

"It's difficult to do it for one community and not do it for the other communities, so that's really the trap that the trustees were caught in," said Superintendent Walt Rulffes.

"You're taking a varsity football player, that's been a star player, and having him to go to another team -- his competition," said parent Annette Westerfield.

It's an adjustment for parents, their kid's education, and extracurricular activities, "You're messing with children's careers and that's the part that is very frustrating."

The changes at all affected school will begin next school year.


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