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Companies Eye So. Nevada for Business Relocation | Business

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Companies Eye So. Nevada for Business Relocation

Southern Nevada's high unemployment rate is making it easy for companies relocating to the valley to find workers.

When operations became too expensive in California for Erickson International, the company looked for a more business friendly place to relocate. The company's president says Nevada has it all, especially a willing workforce.

Erickson International is a $20 million company that's growing. They make window films used for tinting car, home and business windows.

"Remember, it's a green product that can save energy," said Michael Miller, the company president. He says doing business in California no longer made sense but moving east to Nevada did.

"We looked at it as an advantage during a down time in the economy. People are looking for new options, lower cost alternatives. We're going to offer lower cost products because we are very efficiently manufacturing," he said.

It's that kind of thinking that could help Clark County slowly rebound from an economic downturn that has seen the state's unemployment hit record highs. Martin says a growing unemployed workforce and corporate tax breaks are just a couple of incentives for companies considering moving.

"It's a great opportunity for Southern Nevada and Erickson to partner up and come here to a great facility," said Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins.

Miller 's company is the latest of two dozen companies that the Nevada Development Authority specifically helped to bring to Nevada in the past year.

Erickson International has hired 35 employees and among them is Del Miller who was unemployed for two months before he signed on as warehouse manager. "I had already gone through all our savings. We bought a house last year and were struggling," he said.

It's a win win situation for Miller and for Erickson International. Owners say they plan to double their workforce early next year. The NDA says companies from all over the world are taking a closer look at Nevada to do business.


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