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Consignment Store Accused of Scamming Customers | Business

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Consignment Store Accused of Scamming Customers

LAS VEGAS - When Morgan Brooks moved from Las Vegas to Atlanta earlier this year, she hired Bargain Hunters consignment shop at Rainbow and West Charleston to sell her items and keep half the profit.

"I lost my house," she said. "I consigned all my furniture with Bargain Hunters. They came over to my house. They were there almost two hours. They were very sympathetic. I signed an agreement with them. They gave me an inventory list, and right away, my stuff started selling."

Brooks' inventory list included an $11,000 Brunswick pool table set and a $1,000 fire pit with four chairs. "I sold an oak pub table, just all kinds of furniture and floor plants and pictures, other bar stools. $15,000 of furniture, and I've never seen a dime," she said.

Brooks took time off from her new job and flew back to Las Vegas to try and collect. "I just get the runaround," she said. "I've been told everything from, ‘We're outsourcing our check writing,' to, ‘We can't get our inventory straight,' to, ‘We have a book keeper doing it now.' Finally, the last time I talked to them, they told me they sent me a check."

She says she never got one. The owner of Bargain Hunters told her to go away. 8 News NOW received a similar response when it, along with Brooks, confronted Bargain Hunters' owner.

"You're not welcome in our store," the owner told 8 News NOW. "We reserve the right to not let you in our store. Thank you… She's not welcome either."

8 News NOW discovered Bargain Hunters has eight complaints filed against it with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau has given the store an "F" rating for not resolving those complaints.


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