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More Women Starting Businesses in Risky Economy | News

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More Women Starting Businesses in Risky Economy

You might think it's too risky to start up a new business in the middle of a bad economy, but more women are braving the storm and taking the leap to help out their families.

It's definitely not an easy undertaking, but the co-owner of Retro Bakery, Kari Haskell, says she did a lot of planning and researching before making the commitment, and so far so good.

For Haskell, work has never been so fulfilling, "We're the new generation of bartenders. Instead of ‘I need a drink,' it's ‘I need a cupcake.'"

For 10 years, Kari researched what kind of business would make it in Las Vegas. She chose cupcakes.

One year later, Haskell finds herself in the middle of a recession. Just this past week, three restaurants in the Durango and Farm area closed their doors, including Retro's next door neighbor.

But Haskell says her small business is doing exceptionally well, "It's scary, but at the same time, I know we are all here for the common good and the common goal and we're able to do it."

Opening a business is a risk more women in the Las Vegas valley are taking. Anna Siefert, with the Women's Business Center, says they've seen a 20-percent increase in the last few months of women wanting to start up a business, "This is time for them to say, ‘What can I do to help? What can I do to subsidize the income that my husband lost?'"

The Women Business Center says they're seeing women taking a smart approach. They're being forced to start out small, which helps them succeed.

And although it is risky right now, Siefert says women tend to have a better success rate, "Women are really good at establishing and maintaining relationships."

 "I think it's that we truly care. I really want to know how your kids are doing. I really want to know if you got the new job. It's part of the business -- especially for cupcakes. We're here when you celebrate and we are here when you need a pick me up," said Haskell.

And though the road hasn't been easy, Kari says it's worth every minute. Not only is she doing what she loves, she's helping bring home a paycheck.


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