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Operation Bad Company Nets 29 Arrests | Crime

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Operation Bad Company Nets 29 Arrests

LAS VEGAS -- Dozens of career criminals got an unexpected knock on their door Tuesday morning. Las Vegas police arrested 29 people from all over the valley in Operation Bad Company. Police say these suspects were were behind home invasions, burglaries and auto thefts, and more arrests are coming.

This wasn't one large crime ring; rather several small crime rings who made the mistake of selling stolen items to undercover police officers.

Several months ago, the northwest area of town was hit with several home invasions. Some of the criminals arrested were behind that string of incidents. Twenty-nine people are in custody, but 10 more people will be arrested or charged soon.

For the last year, Metro had a storefront at a home in the valley. The alleged thieves would sell stolen items to undercover officers at the storefront. Those stolen items included firearms, narcotics, and personal identification items like drivers licenses and credit cards.

Metro says several stolen vehicles were also recovered worth $440,000.

"What we targeted are career criminals. We're not looking for your average guy, we're looking at criminals that are looking everyday to commit crimes and most of our suspects are ex-felons already," said Lt. Dave Rogue with Metro's Criminal Intelligence Section.

These criminals worked all over the valley, but 10 to 11 of them targeted the northwest area. Commercial businesses were also targeted.

In total, Metro says there were 70 to 80 victims all across the valley. The stolen items were returned to their rightful owners.

Metro says several of these suspects taken into custody are ex-felons and face federal charges for being in possession of a firearm.


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