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Police Have Not Viewed Costco Surveillance Tapes | Crime

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Police Have Not Viewed Costco Surveillance Tapes

LAS VEGAS -- Detectives investigating an officer involved shooting at a Summerlin Costco have still not viewed surveillance video of the incident.

Officers opened fire on Erik Scott on Saturday after Costco employees said he was destroying store merchandise and had a gun. Police say Scott pointed his gun at officers before they fired their weapons, but witness statements contradict information released by investigators. Scott was a West Point graduate with a valid concealed weapons permit.

Detectives hope to view surveillance video of the incident, but have sent it for forensic examination because of a technical issue with Costco's recording equipment. It's still unclear if the incident was even captured on video or if the equipment was working properly the day of the shooting.

According to Scott's father, Erik was in the store shopping for water bottles. "He was in Costco looking for metal water bottles and tried them out to see if they would fit in the cooler he had. There was a Costco employee there with him at the time. From there forward we have a pretty good picture what happened," said William Scott.

Police have also refused to release the 911 tapes made during the incident. A coroner's inquest into the shooting has not been scheduled, but it is expected to happen sometime in September.


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