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Rain Bring Big Business to Roofing Companies | Housing

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Rain Bring Big Business to Roofing Companies

LAS VEGAS -- This year's rainstorms have hurt Nevada's economy in some ways --tourism is affected and business travel disrupted. But Las Vegas roofing businesses are actually doing well. In fact, they're hiring dozens of unemployed workers.

Home and business owners are discovering new leaks after every rainstorm. Licensed contractors are seeing a surge in business that's getting nearly doubling their staff. But that's also creating an opening for unlicensed contractors.

Joyce Rose looks at her roof and is surprised the rain caused so much damage to her home.

"Walked into the house and saw this plaster on the floor. I don't know what I thought had happened. I didn't think of the ceiling falling down," she said. "We just forgot about it because it hardly ever rains. This time it really came down."

Roofers are thankful for recent rainstorms that keeps them in demand.

"It was unbelievable. We were taking probably 300 calls a day for a while," said John Tighe with Professional Roofing Services.

Professional Roofing doubled their staff, now approaching 200 employees.

"There was a lot of good journeymen level roofers that were out there that were unemployed or out of work and it's good to able to put them to work," he said.

These roofers are licensed, but there are unlicensed contractors taking advantage of customers desperate to fix leaks.

"Shabby workmanship and unlicensed contractors. They're out there doing work right now, maybe because all the companies in town can't keep up with the demand," said Tighe.

The rains won't last for long and some roofers may not keep their jobs heading into the summer months, but in these tough times, they're glad to get whatever work they can.

It's best to check out a roofing company through the Better Business Bureau and the Contractors Board before you do business with them.


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