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Face Masks: Make your own, if necessary |

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Face Masks: Make your own, if necessary

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If you went anywhere in the Las Vegas valley this weekend, you probably saw a lot more people in masks. The government now recommends you cover your face in public.

Initially, the CDC said there was no need for masks in public because they don’t necessarily keep you from getting sick but now that recommendation has changed. As doctors learn more about coronavirus they are learning that it not only spreads on surfaces but also in the air.

While a mask might not prevent you from getting sick, if you do have the virus, a mask might keep you from spreading it to another person.

“The days before you get the symptoms you can spread the virus,” said Dr. David Agus, CBS medical contributor. “Also people never have symptoms. Those people, from the droplets off their mouths when they breathe or cough, can spread the virus. What it (mask) does is protects other people so you won’t spread the virus even if don’t know you have it.”

The new guidance doesn’t mean you should cover up with medical grade masks. Those N95 masks need to be saved for health care workers.

But you can create simple face coverings with any piece of cloth like a scarf, bandanna or even T-shirt.

Doctors say basic hygiene remains critical. Wash your hands frequently, cover your cough and sneeze, avoid touching your face and stay home, especially if you are sick.

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