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Email campaign circulating wants Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore to lose LVCVA board seat |

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Email campaign circulating wants Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore to lose LVCVA board seat

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore has been under fire ever since she allegedly made racist comments at Clark County Republican Convention last month. The county’s Republican party called her remarks, “irresponsible, insensitive, and inaccurate,” and they wanted her to apologize

Fiore stepped down as Mayor Pro Tem, but she kept her seat on the Las Vegas City Council. Now there is an email circulating that wants to recall her board seat on the LVCVA.

The email states the following:

To the Board of Directors of the LVCVA:

I hereby demand the immediate resignation of Councilwoman Michele Fiore from the LVCVA Board. The LVCVA’s purpose is to invite the world, which encompasses all races and cultures, to Las Vegas. Councilwoman Fiore’s recent comments, and actions, directly counteract the Boards sole purpose. Pursuant to LVCVA Board Policies, Article VI, Code of Conduct & Conflicts of Interest Policy, Policy 6.01(2), Councilwoman Fiore has demonstrated she is incapable of “ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all persons.” As you know, a Board member may be removed if found in violation of the Code of Conduct as put forth in the Board Policies. I implore the Board to act on this violation with Ms. Fiore’s removal.

In a time of great divisiveness locally and nationally, it remains imperative that our community’s elected leadership attempt to bring our community together. Councilwoman Fiore’s recent statements demonstrate her intent to exacerbate the racial division within our community. Of equal significance, Councilwoman Fiore’s statements historically demonstrate that her recent remarks were not an anomaly, and her interest does not lie in promoting equality or unity, but instead, creating division. We are facing an unprecedented and turbulent economic future with Covid-19, which has impacted Las Vegas tremendously. We cannot allow Councilwoman Fiore to tarnish our city’s good name with her divisive and harmful rhetoric.

I am asking Councilwoman Fiore to resign from the LVCVA Board to preserve this Board’s reputation. Alternatively, I am asking for Councilwoman Fiore to be removed should she not choose to resign willfully. Our city heavily relies on tourists and the very last thing we need is a racist spreading her own personal message to the world and doing so while serving as a member of this Board.

Thank you,

The same group circulating the email also has a website called www.ExpelMichele.com

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