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Hikers saddened fellow hiker fell to death |

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Hikers saddened fellow hiker fell to death

A hiker fell to his death Thursday night at Red Rock Canyon. The Clark County Coroner's office identified the hiker as Justin Manering.

Manering fell 15 stories in the Ice Box Canyon section of Red Rock. Skilled hikers say it's an area that is often under-estimated for real danger.

"Some hikes can be really hard," said Madel Cruz, hiker. "It's always worth it once you get to the top."

Manering was hiking with a group of people when he fell. Hikers 8 News NOW spoke with Friday at Red Rock were sad to hear about a fellow outdoorsman.

"Oh wow that's very sad," Cruz said.

Cruz knows there are risks when hitting the trails, but Branch Whitney with 52 Peak Hiking Club says the potential risks at areas like ice box canyon which can seem like an easy place to get to, can often have a lot of unexpected hazards.

"What they don't realize is that it's slick because when there is water and sandstone -- at times that can make things slick," Whitney said.

The investigation into how Manering fell continues, but Whitney said, "You're not going to fall 100 feet on a trail or in the wash because there's nowhere to fall that far."

Whitney suspects it may have happened towards the end of the Ice Box Canyon trail where people usually try climbing a rock.

"I've seen lots of people scramble up there and have gone up to help people down because it is kind of tricky," according to Whitney.

Whitney says climbing terrain and not being able to get back down is one of the biggest risks that can lead to someone getting seriously hurt.

In the meantime, hiking experts also want to remind people to keep the elements in mind. If it's too hot, consider going another day. If it's too cold, consider waiting it out.

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