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Tivoli Village Opening Delayed

LAS VEGAS -- Tivoli Village, the new shopping center on Rampart BLvd. and Alta Dr. was scheduled to open Thursday but construction delays have postponed the opening another month.

The rare sound of construction equipment can be heard and construction crews pull extra shifts to get Tivoli Village open by April 28.

The March 24 opening date was postponed because Tivoli's developers say they weren't prepared to open the first phase of their project before all the public artwork was complete.

"We were actually working all hands on deck leading up to the 24th date, previously. Literally, no sleep, working to get it done. And we're still doing that," said Patrick Done, Tivoli developer.

Tivoli actually has a bell tower with a dozen bells that will chime every hour. But it's the stores, restaurants and bars that will draw in customers. More than 15 are opening on April 28, with more coming in July.

"We'll have Brio open, of course. We'll have a ritual spa that is going to be opening with us. We'll have Pesci pizza," said Done.

Tivoli Village doesn't face the same financing risks other shopping centers have. The Israeli- based developing partner is effectively paying in cash.

"Essentially, we're self funded," said Done. "With phase one, we're going to be about $350 million."

The same developers now own three of the four corners at Alta Dr. and Rampart Blvd. and have early plans for the Renaissance shopping center across the street near Boca Park.

Tracey Morris watches the construction project, hoping to find work in restaurants, yet to be finished. "I drove here from Silverado Ranch where I live and I would drive this far for a job here, especially for a full-time position."

Developers hope to begin building at the Renaissance in 2013.