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BREAKING NEWS: Wind Advisory and Freeze Watch Issued

LAS VEGAS -- A wind advisory has been issued starting at 3 p.m. and lasting until midnight for Clark County and southern Nye County and a freeze watch will be in effect Wednesday night.

Winds are expected to be gusting between 20 to 30 mph and with gusts possible to 50 mph. There is also a slight chance of rain. The temperature will drop Wednesday and is expected to be in the 40's on Thanksgiving Day making it one of the coldest in recent years.

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A freeze watch is in effect from Wednesday night to Friday morning. Some neighborhoods could see temperatures in the 20's.


Arrest Report Released in Murder of School Teacher

LAS VEGAS -- The arrest report in the murder of a Las Vegas junior high school teacher has been released.

Police arrested Mark Franta on Wednesday and charged him with the murder of his wife, Marybeth Franta.

According to the police report, Marybeth Franta's body was found dumped in a dirt lot behind an Albertson's on Craig Road and Tenaya. Police say her car was later found parked in the same Albertson's parking lot.

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Though pictures show her always smiling, police say domestic violence was present in Marybeth and Mark Franta's marriage.

Husband Taken Into Custody in Teacher's Death

LAS VEGAS -- Fifty-year-old Mark Douglas Franta had his mug shot taken at the Clark County Detention Center, his new home while he faces a murder charge. Franta shared a home with his wife, Mary Beth, for nearly two decades. On Saturday night, that marriage ended with Mary Beth's death.

Karen Adams was stunned to learn her neighbor had vanished without a trace Saturday night. She was even more surprised to learn that police believe Mary Beth's husband suffocated her. "I've never heard a thing, not anything," Adams said. "I was shocked. I don't know. I'm just in shock."

"I saw him outside, around, working in the yard and everything," Adams said about Mark Franta. "He's very friendly with the other two neighbors."

Sunday morning, Mary Beth Franta's body was found dumped in a desert lot behind an Albertson's supermarket on Craig and Tenaya. Her car was found nearby.

Operation Scarecrow Targets Sex Offenders

LAS VEGAS -- Thousands of kids will hit the streets in search of candy this weekend and police want to make sure they don't come into contact with convicted sex offenders.

It is all part of law enforcement's Operation Scarecrow.

For six years, parole and probation officers have been have been canvassing the streets and homes of convicted sex offenders making sure they're following the rules. There are approximately 1300 sex offenders in the state with 820 of them in southern Nevada.

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Nevada Sex Offender Registry

I-Team: Police Raid Another Medical Marijuana Business

LAS VEGAS -- Another medical marijuana raid with federal ties has been conducted in Las Vegas, this time on the outskirts of Summerlin. Officers from Las Vegas police, the DEA and HAZMAT crews were on the scene for hours.

The owners of Herbal Medical Caregiver were giving patients medical marijuana, but only for donations. That's still illegal.

HMC at Buffalo and Westcliff had just been given a temporary license for being a retail store and tobacco smoke shop at the beginning if the month. But police sources say that Las Vegas Business Licensing became suspicious on a recent visit. That led to the bust.

The HAZMAT crew took out a number of bags of lights and other growing equipment today. An employee on site did not want to speak, but patients say they have few options in the valley.

The owners say the feel targeted. They said they only want to help patients and they call this "robbery."

Summerlin Residents Wake Up to Vandalized Cars

LAS VEGAS -- Nearly a dozen residents of a Summerlin neighborhood woke up Monday morning to find their car windows had been shot out. Metro believes who ever did it went on a shooting spree during overnight thunderstorm.

It happened near Anasazi & Town Center. Bullet holes were found through windows and shattered glass was on the street. Metro counted 10 victims, most of who likely confused the sound of shots fired with thunder during the storms.

"I just can't imagine kids doing something like this. Why they would do it? They got four vehicles on one street. I mean, it's ridiculous," said Rick Maples.

But when the neighbors noticed the damage, they were angry but grateful the bullets didn't actually hit anyone.

Operation Bad Company Nets 29 Arrests

LAS VEGAS -- Dozens of career criminals got an unexpected knock on their door Tuesday morning. Las Vegas police arrested 29 people from all over the valley in Operation Bad Company. Police say these suspects were were behind home invasions, burglaries and auto thefts, and more arrests are coming.

This wasn't one large crime ring; rather several small crime rings who made the mistake of selling stolen items to undercover police officers.

Several months ago, the northwest area of town was hit with several home invasions. Some of the criminals arrested were behind that string of incidents. Twenty-nine people are in custody, but 10 more people will be arrested or charged soon.