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Cactus-Filled Yard Wins 'Yard of the Month'

Cactus-Filled Yard Wins 'Yard of the Month'


A Las Vegas couple’s effort to spend less time gardening and less money on their water bill has earned their backyard the title of “Yard of the Month” for October from the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Two years ago, Richard and Carrie Field decided their yard full of grass and trees was too much work and too much money. They took out all the lawn, trees and vegetable garden, replacing them with low-maintenance and water-efficient plants.

The Fields now have dozens of types of cacti from prickly pear to barrel. They also planted cholla and ocotillo to round out the desert theme. The couple says they’ve seen their water bill go from $150 to between $20 and $25 a month.  During the winter, their bill drops even lower because the plants they’ve chosen don’t need to be watered during the winter months.

Judges for the Yard of the Month look for beautiful but water-efficient landscapes. They are always taking entries. To enter a noteworthy yard, go to snwa.com. There is also information on transforming a yard to water-friendly landscaping with the help of master gardeners at the Springs Preserve.