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New Video Shows Bus Exploding in Flames | News

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New Video Shows Bus Exploding in Flames

LAS VEGAS -- There's a better idea of what happened after a tour bus packed with students exploded because it was all caught on camera.

The school district was told back in March the video is not suppose to exist, but surveillance footage forced a civil lawsuit to be filed after lawyers subpoenaed it from the district. It shows the explosion and the panic after the Coach America Bus went up in flames.

The incident severely injured a Las Vegas father that was trying to save the students on board.

Four surveillance cameras were rolling at the West Career and Technical Academy High School in late March when the bus arrived at 10 p.m. after a long drive from a California field trip.

Jason Sylvester said he knew there was something clearly wrong with the bus as there were flames coming from the rear tire area. Sylvester knew right away he had to evacuate the 47 students off the bus.

"The first time I watched, it was a little hard to get through, to know what was going to happen to me," Sylvester said. "I went up to the bus, about a minute after the bus pulled up, there's still people on the bus where you can see them getting off the bus and I'm trying to put the fire out."

Just seconds later an explosion sent metal and other debris flying into Jason's leg were he was critically hurt and rushed to UMC.

Nearly nine months later, the scars and the pain are apart of everyday life as Sylvester filed a lawsuit against the bus company and the driver hoping to get his life back the way it once was.

Doctors said he will never be able to walk with out assistance again, but Sylvester said he has no regrets doing what he did.

"My concern was trying to save and help the kids along with my daughter in getting them off the bus," Sylvester said.

Lawyers for the bus company declined comment citing the on going lawsuit.

Sylvester has lost his job working at a local casino and he will attempt to file for disability.

If there isn't a settlement reached, the case will head to trial in July.


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