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Driving You Crazy: Faded Crosswalk at Charleston & Buffalo | News

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Driving You Crazy: Faded Crosswalk at Charleston & Buffalo

LAS VEGAS - A viewer asked if anything could be done to fix faded crosswalk markings at Charleston Boulevard and Buffalo Drive.

The crosswalk isn't marked clearly, nor is the traffic line before the crosswalk on the south side of the intersection to indicate where traffic should stop.

It's enough of a challenge getting cars to stop before a crosswalk when the markings are clear. This one seemed like a real risk for anyone crossing in the area.

A lot of credit goes to the City of Las Vegas on this. A senior traffic engineering technician went to the intersection to meet with the 8 News NOW viewer. The engineer received a first-hand account of this pedestrian crossing problem.

The city heard the viewer's concerns and will repaint the crosswalk and stop line.

Additionally, the city official noticed the countdown pedestrian crosswalk mechanism was not showing the numbers counting down. That will also be repaired.

Thanks to an astute viewer, 8 News NOW and the city, this intersection will become a little safer.

What's driving you crazy? You can e-mail your traffic complaints and questions to Brian Loftus.


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