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Driving You Crazy: No Street Lights on 215 Beltway | News

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Driving You Crazy: No Street Lights on 215 Beltway

LAS VEGAS - A viewer wants to know why the street lights are out on 215 between Summerlin Parkway and Cheyenne Avenue.

Driving You Crazy recently explained there are few street lights within the boundaries of Summerlin due to restrictions put in place by the Hughes Corporation, when the company granted right-of-way access to Clark County.

After that story aired, Traffic 8 received a flurry of e-mails people who drive along the 215, saying lighting along the western 215 beltway is not working. It's a different issue than the one previously discussed on Driving You Crazy and a distinct problem.

Traffic 8 contacted Clark County officials, and they are working on the problem. They currently have a contractor repairing lighting on 215. Crews are working along the western section of the beltway.

The lighting on nearby Summerlin Parkway - those dark on/off ramps - already has been replaced.

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