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8 on Your Side: Bank Balks at Helping ID Theft Victim | News

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8 on Your Side: Bank Balks at Helping ID Theft Victim

LAS VEGAS - An ordinary day at the grocery store January 1 turned out to be anything but ordinary for Kim Pemberton.

"I went to the deli department and started to get my coupons out of my purse," she said.

Everything seemed routine, until she received a text alert on her cell phone that her bank account was overdrawn. Confused, she called the bank and discovered her wallet had been stolen while she was at the store.

Pemberton says she briefly stepped away from her cart, which had her purse sitting in it. She thinks someone snatched her wallet out of her purse, ran to Red Rock Casino and withdrew $2,000 from her account.

"I filled out my police report and started doing all the things I should do as far as protecting myself," she said. "She had every single piece of info. about me, including some things about my children."

Pemberton's bank, Chase Bank, opened an investigation. She assumed everything would be resolved, but it wasn't. The bank accused her of faking the crime.

"They had said because we are in Nevada and this is Las Vegas, how would they know I didn't lose all my money in the casino and didn't want to tell my husband?" she said. "Being the victim was the thing that hurt me the most."

Pemberton turned to 8 on Your Side which asked Chase to take a second look at the case. The bank did and, after further investigation, cleared Pemberton's name. Bank representatives said they obtained proof she did not authorize the charge. They said they looked at the signature made by the scammer and realized it did not match Pemberton's.

Now, her trips to the grocery store are much different. She keeps her purse close and never leaves her cart. She says she hopes others learn from her mistake, so no one else goes through her experience.

8 on Your Side asked Red Rock Casino for the surveillance footage of the person who used Pemberton's credit card, but casino representatives said they no longer had it available.

If you have a problem you'd like 8 on Your Side to investigate, call 702-650-1907 Monday through Thursday.


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