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Gov. Sandoval Renews Commitment to Education in Nevada | News

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Gov. Sandoval Renews Commitment to Education in Nevada
Ethel W. Staton Elementary School student Matthew Siroky (left) with Governor Brian Sandoval (right)/Photo Courtesy: Clark County School District

LAS VEGAS -- Students at Staton Elementary School in Summerlin saluted the state by singing "Home Means Nevada," but the event was to honor them.

Teachers, parents and even Governor Brian Sandoval were there to recognize the achievements of about 50 students.

"It is very inspirational for me to be in the schools. I've visited over 200 schools since I became governor," Sandoval said.

Thursday's event was a celebration of learning, and Sandoval says he plans to stick to his promise of putting education first.

In his proposed budget before the State Legislature right now, he is asking to add $480 million to the current education budget. Of that total, $120 million would be directed to fund programs like English Language Learners, class reduction and all-day kindergarten.

"To put this all into perspective, we are going to spend $480 million more on this budget cycle than last, in commitment to K through 12." the governor said.

Parents say promises are not enough, if they do not turn into action. One parent at Staton Elementary School said his child is one of 30 kids in his class with only one teacher.

The Clark County School Board voted Wednesday night to approve a $2.1 billion budget.

Even with more money than years past, School Board Trustee Patrice Tew said the state still needs to step up. Especially because the district will not be building new schools to accommodate more students in the near future.

"Our school population may be out distancing the economy right now." Tew said. "What exactly will come down, we do not know, but we are hopeful that there will be more funding."

As local students were recognized by their school for their talents, parents hope state leaders will also recognize what students can achieve.

"We got to make sure their future is as bright as their potential right now," parent Bhavesh Upadhyaya said.


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