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Boutique Gives Addicts Second Chance at Job | News

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Boutique Gives Addicts Second Chance at Job

LAS VEGAS -- After spending time in rehabilitation, a program is helping recovering addicts gain the confidence and skills they need to re-enter the workforce.

Recovery Solutions treats people with many kinds of addictions, such as drugs, alcohol and gambling.

The center's goal is to continue treatment, long after the client have left the recovery room.

The center recently opened a thrift store, where recovering clients can get a job, giving a new meaning to the phrase, retail therapy.

Lives are changing for the better inside the small thrift store at Solutions Recovery Rehab Center.

Called Second Chance Boutique, it is staffed with recovering addicts who are striving to get back into the workforce. The boutique is located at 2975 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas.

Program manager Denise Delzell said the store lives up to its name.

"With the store, they are able to start over," Delzell said. "That's why we named it Second Chance, so that a person can come back in. Basically, they lost everything and now they are gaining it all back."

Lisa Friedman, now 11 months sober, is one of those employees.

She worked at the boutique for a three month cycle, gaining new skills and learning how to highlight them on her resume.

"I wouldn't have the chance to get the experience of working in a good environment," Friedman said, adding that she is searching for a permanent job.

Like Friedman, Cheryl said the boutique has changed her life by giving her more self-esteem.

She endured a long battle with alcohol addiction before finally hitting rock bottom.

"Life finally hit me and when it did, I realized that my life had been unmanageable and alcohol just compounded it and made it worse," Cheryl said.

Less than a month on the job, Cheryl takes pride in organizing the store and helping people pick out clothes, shoes, furniture and even prom or wedding dresses.

The boutique has grown tremendously because of donations from the community and the loyal customers who are looking to get a bargain.

But with all the treasures that are bought here, employees said the most important thing to come out of this shop is something that cannot be sold: hope for a better future.

"It's great to realize that everyone is supportive of one another," Cheryl said. "I work here, I attend meetings here. And it's just a very well rounded environment."

The Solutions Foundation will be having its first Superhero 5-K Dash on Saturday, where runners can dress like superheroes. The run is starts at 8 a.m. at Kellogg Zaher Soccer Complex, 7701 W. Washington Ave., Las Vegas.



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