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Driving You Crazy: Slow Drivers Along Summerlin Parkway | News

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Driving You Crazy: Slow Drivers Along Summerlin Parkway

LAS VEGAS - After seeing numerous motorists driving well below the maximum speed limit on Summerlin Parkway, a viewer wants to know if Nevada has a minimum speed limit.

When authorities see consistently slow speeds, they sometimes establish a minimum speed limit. Other states have this, but not Nevada. That's because Nevada typically experiences more problems with speeders than slow drivers.

If a driver is traveling 20 miles per hour or more below the maximum speed limit, that driver could be cited for impeding traffic. The laws vary depending on how many marked travel lanes there are on any given road.

The law establishes a person shall not drive at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. There is an exception to the law when reducing speed is necessary for safety. For example, drivers are encouraged to lower their speed during pouring rain, when an accident is on the shoulder or when the road is damaged.

The maximum speed limit on Summerlin Parkway is 65 miles per hour. Drivers should strive to keep up with the average flow of traffic. Slower drivers are encouraged to use the far right lane.

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