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I-Team: UFO Experts Discussing All Things Alien in Las Vegas | News

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I-Team: UFO Experts Discussing All Things Alien in Las Vegas
Area 51 hangar

LAS VEGAS -- Keep your eyes to the skies this weekend, the UFO people are coming.

The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, is holding its international symposium at the J.W. Marriott in Summerlin starting Friday.

A panel of scientists, university professors, and journalists will explore famous UFO cases and issues.

MUFON is generally considered to be the most credible UFO organization in the world. They strive to use the scientific method to investigate the different aspects of the UFO mystery.

No matter how hard they try to be professional in their investigations, they take a lot of grief, in part because of wild flying saucer tales that have little or no proof behind them.

This year's panel of speakers includes seven Ph.D's, including physicists, psychologists, a history professor, consultants to NASA and the euro-space agency.

In addition to two days of multi-media presentations by the speakers, there is a UFO film festival, and vendors selling books, DVD's and assorted extra-terrestrial trinkets and clothing.

Dr. David Jacobs, who was a history professor at Temple University for 40 years, thinks the evidence for UFO's is overwhelming and says by studying UFO cases, we might be able to see into our own future as a species:

"Why would this be going on? Why, as people wondered in the mid-20th century, don't they land on the White House lawn? What is the psychology involved here? Knowing this might give us insight into knowing what our own future would be, because this is an advanced technological civilization, so it might have an impact on every person on earth," Dr. Jacobs said.

Dr. Jacobs has investigated hundreds of cases of so-called alien abduction. He admits the whole idea sounds ridiculous but says he came to believe it because of physical evidence that can't be explained otherwise.

Presentations kick off Friday, but the full slate begins Saturday at the Marriott, 221 North Rampart Boulevard. The public is invited. They also arranged to have a couple of tours out to Area 51 during the symposium.

According to MUFON, there were more UFO reports last year than at any time in history. They saw a big spike in cases, and some of the evidence they have acquired is pretty impressive.

One of the talks this weekend is about the sightings in Stephenville, Texas, seen by dozens of people back in 2008. They have just now obtained radar reports from the military which confirm something really was flying around up there.


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