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Weekend Storms Send Drivers Scrambling for New Tires | News

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Weekend Storms Send Drivers Scrambling for New Tires

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas' weekend storms did more than just flood streets and knock down trees.

The left over debris from the wind and rain is still causing problems for drivers. Tire companies are reporting a spike in sales this week.

Companies like Discount Tire say they replace about 25 more tires after a rainstorm than a typical day.

"Anytime after a big rain, we're going to be pretty busy the next day," Discount Tire manager Colton Clark said. "After a rain. you're generally going to have a higher chance of picking up a nail or screw because it's been swept into the middle of the road."

If there is anybody that loves a good rainstorm, it is these guys, but those not so happy are those customers like Michelle Stanton, whose tire was wrecked by a nail.

"I'm buying a new tire to replace the one with the hole," Stanton said. "Seeing all the flooded roads and what not. I'm not surprised."

Clark says not much can be done to prevent one of those storm stragglers from puncturing your tires, but he does say there is a way to catch before it goes flat.

"A lot of modern cars have a TPS, which is a tire monitoring system. The tire icon will pop up on the dash as one starts to leak," Clark said.

You can also do it the old fashioned way, and have someone check for any damage or air leaks.

Clark says he's also had people come in with pieces of metal or wood in their tires, even a screw driver.

It is recommended people get a good tire inspection right after a good rainstorm just to be safe.


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