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Cool at School: Meadows School art show | News

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Cool at School: Meadows School art show

LAS VEGAS - The creativity of Meadows School students was on display at a recent art show.

"I just love starting with a blank canvas and being able to turn it into anything," said studio art student Amanda Newman.

A photograph that was taken in San Francisco by student Ryan Chakmak won second place.

"We actually took one of those shadows and copied and distorted it and made it match those other windows," he said.

Technology has influenced traditional photography.

"It gives photographers a lot more tools under their belt to express their message or just make a photo look good," Chakmak said.

Teachers describe their art class objective.

"I feel my job is to find out what they're good at and show them how to be better at it," said studio art teacher Danielle Brown.

Art can change the way a student thinks

"Not only can I think analytically with numbers, arguments, and essays, but I'm also able to think innovatively with pictures," Chakmak said.

"(It gives them) the ability to focus and concentrate, to think outside the box, to think innovatively,” Brown said.

It can also be a way for students to draw what they love.

"I've always loved Disney. I probably always will,” said student Anuja Daulat. “The princesses were such a big part of my childhood, so I wanted to share that."

Newman used humor; her works depict Superman stuck in a tree and Captain America having cocktails with other superheroes.

"I decided to do superheroes doing not so superhero things," she said. “Here, I make my own questions and answer them on my own, and my answers are with my paintings."

Students show various topics, including: dogs, travel and traffic. They use various techniques such as Photoshop, still life or magazine collages.

"(We) give them the tools to get there, and then (let them) go on their own," Brown said.

The art show gave these kids the opportunity to share their creativity. Students and teachers voted on their favorites.

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