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More Women Starting Businesses in Risky Economy

You might think it's too risky to start up a new business in the middle of a bad economy, but more women are braving the storm and taking the leap to help out their families.

It's definitely not an easy undertaking, but the co-owner of Retro Bakery, Kari Haskell, says she did a lot of planning and researching before making the commitment, and so far so good.

For Haskell, work has never been so fulfilling, "We're the new generation of bartenders. Instead of ‘I need a drink,' it's ‘I need a cupcake.'"

For 10 years, Kari researched what kind of business would make it in Las Vegas. She chose cupcakes.

One year later, Haskell finds herself in the middle of a recession. Just this past week, three restaurants in the Durango and Farm area closed their doors, including Retro's next door neighbor.

Station Casinos Seeks Restructuring Support

One the largest employers in the Las Vegas valley has announced it plans to file for bankruptcy protection. Station Casinos says it will formally make the move sometime after March 2, 2009. Station Casinos employs 14,000 people in the Las Vegas valley.

Gaming analysts say the company going private, combined with the economy, was the one-two punch leading to bankruptcy.

In what could be a single picture that captures the state of the locals gaming market, a dealer stands with no players at his table. Many slots are also idle. It is a scenario seen at resorts throughout the struggling Las Vegas gaming market.

Deutsche Bank Analyst Bill Lerner says it is only part of the problem for Station Casinos, "If this was a public company right now we would not be in this situation.

Woman's Body Found Inside Burned Out Trailer

Clark County Fire investigators and Metro police are investigating the discovery of a 58-year-old woman's body found inside a burning trailer near Alexander and El Capitan Way.

Las Vegas fire spokesman Tim Szymanski says firefighters found the body in the small trailer after dousing flames about 4:20 a.m. Tuesday.

The small towing-style trailer was parked behind a house on Hickam Avenue near El Capitan Way and Craig Road.

The cause of the fire wasn't immediately known but fire officials say it may have been caused by smoking or a space heater. Family members told investigators that the woman often went to the trailer to watch television or smoke a cigarette.


Nevada College Enrollments up due to Bad Economy

Colleges across Nevada say they are seeing jumps in enrollment as laid off workers or those fearful of losing their jobs seek to update their job skills.

At Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, officials say enrollment is up 6-percent over last year for the spring semester that begins Jan. 24.

The College of Southern Nevada, the state's largest community college with 41,388 students, also is seeing more students enrolling in an effort to land new jobs. School officials say many returning students aren't just seeking to improve their current skills, but are looking into whole new career paths.

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