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Jeb Bush distances himself from family at Las Vegas visit

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is distancing himself from his family as he courts senior citizens in Nevada, the first stop in a national tour aimed at key states on the presidential primary calendar.

The leading Republican White House prospect was asked about his family connections during a Monday appearances at a Las Vegas retirement community. Bush is the son and brother of former presidents.

"Do you have brothers and sisters?" Bush asked his questioner. "Are you exactly the same?"

The crowd of roughly 300 applauded the answer.

The appearance marks a new phase in Bush's campaign strategy. He's been focused almost exclusively on raising money behind closed doors in recent months.

Bush is scheduled to appear in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in the coming weeks.

Police report details alleged high-end burglaries

LAS VEGAS -- A North Las Vegas man who allegedly pulled off a string of high-end residential burglaries in the Summerlin area from December 2013 through last August gave a detective a detailed account of how the spree unfolded, according to a Metro Police report.

Brandon Birdsong, whose indictment by a Clark County grand jury was unsealed Wednesday, was approached at his home by detectives in September. They sat down at Birdsong's kitchen table and showed him video of a burglary near a Summerlin golf course.

After allegedly confessing to be the individual in the video, Birdsong was asked if he wanted a lawyer.

“No I'll tell you everything,” he was quoted as saying. “I knew I was gonna get caught eventually. I just wanna get this over with.”

Birdsong then went to his desktop computer and retrieved a map of the Summerlin area.

“I'll show you what houses I hit,” he reportedly said.

Community members gather for peace walk after Meyers shooting

LAS VEGAS -- The people of the neighborhood where 19-year-old Erich Nowsch shot Tammy Meyers are taking the first steps of moving beyond the tragedy. Members of that community gathered today for a peace walk to offer guidance and support to one another.

Residents and church members along with metro officers walked door-to-door and met face-to-face with their neighbors. The walk lasted about an hour, which included group songs and prayers.

A local church offered its' support, giving counseling to anyone in the neighborhood that needed it.

Pastor Pasqual Urrabazo said the church's goal was to bring hope and reconciliation to the neighborhood near Alta Drive and Buffalo Drive.

Some people were still in tears from the past week's events, but others were ready to start moving forward and tried to take away anything positive they could from the tragedy.

Husband: Mom shot teaching daughter to drive may not live

LAS VEGAS  -- The husband of a woman who was shot in the head in an apparent road rage incident while teaching her teenage daughter to drive says she may not survive.

Robert Meyers says that Tammy Meyers is on life support at University Medical Center. She was shot about 11:30 p.m. Thursday outside their Las Vegas home near Alta Drive and Cimarron Road.

"This is where my wife lost her life. She hasn't lost it, but she will today. There's nothing they can do for my wife," Meyers said.

He says, his wife was teaching her daughter to drive in a parking lot near the family's home. As Tammy drove home, she got in a minor accident and pulled over. Robert Meyers says three men in the other vehicle got into a confrontation with his wife causing her to be frightened and drive home.

Man arrested after argument at site of Nowsch barricade

LAS VEGAS -- The man accused of threatening another man with a gun following a heated argument over the arrest of a deadly shooting suspect said, “I know where you live and I'll catch you slipping,” according to the victim.

Robert Selig said 23-year-old Jeremy Jongepier reportedly yelled those words to him when he was down the street from Selig's house, according to the arrest report.

The report goes on to show two contrasting stories of what each say happened.

Jongepier was arrested in the area of Alta and Villa Monterey drives Thursday night on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. 

Detectives said it began when Jongepier got into an argument with Selig at the nearby barricade scene related to the Tammy Meyers case.

Metro amps up efforts to keep pedestrians, roadways safer

LAS VEGAS — This year is off to a deadly start on valley roads. Just six weeks into 2015, 12 pedestrians have died across Clark county – nine of those were in Metro's jurisdiction. That's a 350 percent increase over the same time a year ago.

Samira Tamules says a lack of basic infrastructure, like crosswalks or sidewalks, prevent her from walking in her neighborhood with her two children.

“Rarely, very rarely,” she said. “If we do, we're walking around the park here, maybe. Maybe on our street, which is a cul-de-sac, but as far as walking anywhere else, never."

But even when there are crosswalks, police say the bulk of pedestrian who are killed aren't using them. 

The most recent traffic data released from Metro shows half of the deaths this year are from pedestrian error.

Bicyclists fear for safety on Las Vegas roads

LAS VEGAS -- Only six weeks into 2015 and police say almost two people are dying on local roads per week. Some are pedestrians, while others are bicyclists.

The majestic beauty of the Las Vegas desert and miles of open road beckons thousands of people looking to take a recreational bike ride. However, cars and cyclists must share the roads as they both plan to carefully navigate into the Red Rock scenic loop and back.

Greg Fasano, a cyclist for 15 years, says while mechanical failures make up a portion of bicycle accidents, the biggest concern lies with motorists.

"Every component has a safety aspect to it, whether it be the pedals, the brakes, the wheels, and things ought to be inspected at every ride", he says. “Motor vehicles are probably the biggest danger to a cyclist."

Fasano has had -- not one but two -- brushes with death. He collided head on with a vehicle and escaped with minor injuries in his first accident.