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Driving You Crazy: Slow Drivers Along Summerlin Parkway

LAS VEGAS - After seeing numerous motorists driving well below the maximum speed limit on Summerlin Parkway, a viewer wants to know if Nevada has a minimum speed limit.

When authorities see consistently slow speeds, they sometimes establish a minimum speed limit. Other states have this, but not Nevada. That's because Nevada typically experiences more problems with speeders than slow drivers.

If a driver is traveling 20 miles per hour or more below the maximum speed limit, that driver could be cited for impeding traffic. The laws vary depending on how many marked travel lanes there are on any given road.

Suspect Arrested in Apartment Complex Shooting

Brian Beltran

LAS VEGAS -- The suspect in a shooting that left a man dead at an apartment complex has been arrested in Fresno, California.

Brian Beltran, 38, was taken into custody Wednesday without incident in Fresno, Calif. Police said Beltran is responsible for the shooting death of 23-year-old Kenneth Mallet on Monday. Mallet was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex near Smoke Ranch Road and Tenaya Way.

Beltran was booked on a fugitive warrant for murder with a deadly weapon. He will be facing extradition proceedings to transfer him to Las Vegas.

Boys Make Discovery that Stumped Scientists

LAS VEGAS -- A group of valley kids were able to discover something scientists could not -- an invasive species taking over a local lake. Their findings may save schools of endangered fish and keep the lake's food chain afloat.

The peaceful waters of Lake Harriet in Spring Mountain Ranch State Park are full of creatures. It's a young boy's dream. Adventurers Cole Turner and Jack Silberman didn't know there was an unknown predator lurking in the water and devouring state protected Pahrump pool fish.

"He was like this big and he was like crawling up and I was like, oh my gosh! That's the biggest one we've had," said Jack Silberman.

The two boys managed to do in 15 minutes what the biologists couldn't do in weeks. They found an actual, live crayfish.

"We had the right timing. I mean we came in and we saw them," Silberman said.

Metro Police to Reopen Police Academy

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police are reopening their academy so they can put 50 new police officers on the streets.

The police academy graduated its last class in Jan. 2012. The money for the additional officers comes from an .15 percent increase in the Clark County sales tax recently passed by the Legislature.

The new recruits would be patrolling the streets by next summer, but first they must undergo rigorous testing which includes physical, psychological and community-based evaluations. Department officials say they want recruits with good people skills.

"The biggest thing that we're emphasizing, from the minute they walk in the door to the minute they walk in the academy, is how do they interact with people? So they're going to be evaluated as to their communication skills, they're going to be evaluated as to how they act under pressure," deputy chief Gary Scholfield said.

Metro Police Holding Open House for New Recruits

Metro Police Holding Open House for New Recruits

Metro Police is looking for people to join its ranks. A bill passed by the Nevada Legislature and signed by Governor Sandoval approved more money for hiring more officers.

The department will hold an open house starting at 9 a.m. Wednesday for people interested in becoming officers.

The event will be at the Jerry Keller Training Facility, 9880 West Cheyenne Avenue. Academy staff will be on hand to explain improvements to the curriculum and training. They will also be giving tours of the facility.

The initial written tests for full-time police recruits and reserve officers will start in July. For information on the written portion of the application process, go to protectthecity.com.  

Thieves Targeting Vegas Golf Clubs

LAS VEGAS -- Three golf club pro shops have been broken into in the past month and thieves have stolen tens of thousands of dollars in equipment.

A manager for one of the clubs that was hit by the thieves said he believes the crimes are all connected and hopes showing surveillance video will help police catch them.

Las Vegas National Golf Club was one of the pro shops that was ransacked in the last month.

Managers at another club in Summerlin said the same thieves broke into their shop this week and made off with dozens of golf clubs.

On a sunny morning, Badlands Golf Club is a place to escape, but in the dark of night, club managers believe it became the latest target by a small gang of golf shop thieves.

They can be seen outside casing the store for a half hour, then crashing in, grabbing about 60 golf clubs. Each club is worth about $200.

Private Citizen Spots Siblings Missing from Child Haven

LAS VEGAS -- The five siblings who ran away from Child Haven Tuesday have been found safe, Metro Police said.

The siblings who range in age from 7 to 14 years old were located in the northwest part of town Wednesday around 1:25 p.m. near Lake Mead Boulevard and Buffalo Drive at a Taco Bell restaurant. Police say a private citizen spotted the children. By the time police arrived, the children had left the restaurant, but were located a short time later in a nearby Walgreens store. Police say the children will be returned to Child Haven.