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Woman Burglarized While Getting Gasoline

LAS VEGAS - A woman was arrested after attempting to steal an unsuspecting victim's purse from the front seat of her car. The brazen burglary occurred in broad daylight, while the purse owner was putting gas in her vehicle at a gas station near Sahara Avenue and Hualapai Way.

Heather, who didn't want her last name revealed, watched the burglary of her purse unfold. She says a woman, whom police have identified as Cierra Michel, wrapped a t-shirt around her fist and punched out the passenger side window of Heather's car.

"She came in and she went boom, boom, boom, saw her punch it like four times, and then I saw it shatter," Heather said.

Michel snatched the purse off the front seat.

"My Social Security card, which I'm dumb for, my credit cards, I have like six of them, my I.D.," Heather said.

Pinwheel Event Raises Awareness for Victims of Child Abuse

LAS VEGAS - More than 3,500 children in Nevada were the victims of abuse or neglect in 2012. Saturday, more than a dozen groups in Las Vegas came together to raise awareness in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Child Maltreatment Report in 2009 ranked Nevada with the fourth highest rate of children removed from their homes. People at the Pinwheels for Prevention event said one case is too many, and it's up to everyone to protect children.

The family friendly event featured three performances and a variety of entertainment for kids, but it also carried a serious message.

Friday, Metro Police responded to eight calls for child abuse or neglect. Saturday morning before the event began, three calls had already gone out.

Sergeant Joshua Bitsko with Metro's Abuse/Neglect Detail says many cases are at the hands of the boyfriend or girlfriend of a parent.

Climber Injured in Fall at Red Rock Canyon

LAS VEGAS -- A climber fell 30 feet in Pine Creek Canyon just before 11 a.m. Friday.

The canyon is part of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just west of the Las Vegas valley.

According to Metro Police, the climber suffered a head injury. A fire crew was at the scene assisting, the police said.

Driving You Crazy: Roundabout Round-Up

LAS VEGAS - Drivers are confused about a roundabout near the Costco store at Pavilion Center Drive and Park Run Drive.

The roundabout includes multiple lanes, and drivers are unsure which lane they need to be in to make a legal right turn.

Learn More About Traffic Laws Regarding Roundabouts

This is a busy shopping area. Here's how a multi-lane roundabout works. As you approach the roundabout, slow down and plan ahead, so you choose the correct lane. Yield to traffic already in the roundabout and wait for a gap in traffic.

Choose the left lane to make a left turn. Go straight to go through the roundabout, or go all the way around to make a u-turn. Choose the right lane to make an immediate right turn or go straight. If you're going all the way around, the right lane is the wrong one to choose.

Construction Industry Making a Steady Comeback

LAS VEGAS -- A steel skeleton along the 215 Beltway near Charleston Boulevard has for years been a reminder of an soured economy but in just a few weeks construction will start again.

It is just one of several commercial construction projects underway in the Las Vegas valley, which are all adding jobs.

A spokesperson for the Howard Hughes Corporation said construction of the shopping complex will employ 1,700 people, and when finished in 2014, 2,000 people will work there.

James Jackson is a foreman at Gallagher Plumbing. He says his company has about a dozen jobs contracted out, which is twice what it had a year ago.

"Things are improving. We got the water parks. It was the Lady Luck, Downtown Third, I think it is called. There is another project right down the street here," Jackson said.

North Las Vegas Mayor Out, Henderson Mayor Re-Elected

LAS VEGAS -- As has become the standard, Tuesday's municipal primary elections were marked with a low voter turnout.

Of the 143,000 registered voters in Henderson, 12.4 percent voted. In the City of Las Vegas, where 153,000 people are registered to vote, just 10 percent cast a ballot. And in North Las Vegas, of the 89,000 registered voters, 10.4 percent turned up at the polls.

Low Voter Turnout Expected in Municipal Primaries


In the race for Henderson mayor, incumbent Mayor Andy Hafen won re-election with 54.8 percent of the vote. He was challenged by six other candidates.

In the race for Henderson City Council Ward 3, incumbent John Marz won re-election with 51.7 percent of the vote. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Councilman in Hospital

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross has been taken to the hospital for observation, a family friend said in a statement released Tuesday night.

Ross is being challenged in Tuesday's primary election by two candidates.

In the statement, family friend Steve Redlinger said Ross' wife, Kelli, urged him to go to the hospital for observation. Doctors then advised they would like to run a few follow-up exams. Ross may be in the hospital overnight.

"I want to emphasize that he is doing fine, and doctors are holding him over strictly out of an abundance of caution," Redlinger said.

The family had planned a gathering at the Ross home to await election results, but that was canceled, he said.

Ross is expected to return to work after a couple days of rest, Redlinger said.