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Critic: BOTTLES & BURGERS Befuddles | Restaurants

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Critic: BOTTLES & BURGERS Befuddles
Critic: BOTTLES & BURGERS Befuddles

Restaurant critic John Curtas has mixed feelings about the new burger joint at Tivoli Village.

Let’s accentuate the positive at first, shall we?

The buns are nice, fresh, soft and squishy, just the way they’re supposed to be.

They don’t put sesame seeds on them — another big plus.

They use good meat and season it properly.

That meat is cooked to medium (the way “the kitchen suggests it”) which is too much for us, but just fine for most folks.

Those burgers (9 oz.) are neither too big nor too small…and they’re priced right: $9. As one of our dining companions remarked: “It is a good burger, not life changing, but very nice for the price.”

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