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Private Schools Restart with More Students | Education & Schools

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Private Schools Restart with More Students
Private Schools Restart with More Students


Summer is officially over for kids who attend some of the valley's private schools.

Monday was their first day back and this year students will notice a jump in the number of classmates. .

The new principal at Bishop Gorman High School, Kevin Kiefer, says he’s getting ready for the student population to increase to 1,500 over the next four years.

“We are actually at a point where we have to install three portable buildings because this building no longer big enough to hold all of our students," said Kiefer.

Another large private school Faith Lutheran Junior and Senior High School are also seeing an increase in students. The economy has not hurt enrollment, in fact, the executive director of the school says families at his school are going out of their way to make sure their children can attend.

"There are amazing families who take two and three jobs to scrape by, to get their kids here," said Steve Buucks, executive director Faith Lutheran Junior and Senior High School.

Both Bishop Gorman and Faith Lutheran offer financial aid. Bishop Gorman reports that 40 percent of its students receive some kind of financial aid. Faith Lutheran reports 11 percent of its student body does. The school’s executive director is working to change that.

"I am really going after donors to say will you give to this cause so that other kids can attend our school," said Buucks. 

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