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Photo Gallery | Fire Dept. Spokesman Reports on Fire at His House

A man who makes his living giving out information about fires around the Las Vegas valley had to tell the media about a fire at his own home Friday.

The fire at the home of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski started just before 7:30 a.m., while he, his wife and his son were out of the house.

According to Szymanski, the fire started in an exhaust fan in a second-floor bathroom at his home in Summerlin.

The long-time spokesman got a call about the fire from the emergency dispatcher.

"I had just gotten on Summerlin Parkway, when the 911 center called and told me my home was on fire. They always tell me when there is a fire, but they said you might want to go back to your home cause it is your home on fire," Szymanski said.

The home is too badly damaged to live in. It could take several weeks before they can move back in.

"Doing this for 43 years, a lot of times I call people and tell them their house in on fire. I help them after a fire. So, I know what those people have to go through, but it when it actually happens to you, it is completely different," Szymanski said.