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Photo Gallery | Students Work to Stop Bullying



Across the country, 13 million kids will be threatened, intimidated or teased this year.

Two students at West Career and Technical Academy are pledging to end bullying. The girls have been victimized in the past, and they are now vowing to make sure the abuse stops at their school.

Brittany Clark and Elsie Powley have created a display showing the different kinds of bullying, and the consequences they can have. They want other students to sign a pledge to not only stop bullying themselves but to also stop others from bullying.

“A lot of people are too scared and do not know what to do,” Junior Brittany Clark said.   

“No one deserves that. Every single person is important," Junior Elsie Powley said.

Students from around the Clark County School District will be at the Regal Cinemas at Ft. Apache Road and Sahara Avenue Monday night for a special showing of the movie “Bully.”

The movie is a documentary that takes an in-depth and frank look at how bullying impacts the lives of children. It also explores ways for parents, teachers and schools to respond to it.

Immediately following the movie, there will be a panel discussion for students to talk about what they have seen. It is part of an effort by schools, teachers and students to stop bullying in southern Nevada schools. The movie and panel were put together by R&R Partners Foundation's Flip the Script and the Kish Foundation. 

“It is really important for people to broaden their awareness of what bullying is. What things they might be saying to each other or hearing said. We want to make sure kids are not bullying, but also stopping it when they see it and being the anti-bully," Catherine Levy with R&R partners.

The movie “Bully” can be seen at one other theater in southern Nevada besides Regal Cinema at Village Square, Century 18 Sam’s Town. 

For ideas on how to stop bullying for kids, parents and teachers, go to flipthescriptnow.org.